BNSF to Build New Integrated Rail Complex in Barstow to Increase Supply Chain Efficiency Nationwide



Rail yard, intermodal facility, and warehouses for transloading freight from international containers to domestic containers.

1.5 Billion Project

Brings thousands of direct and indirect jobs to High Desert communities.

Going BIG

The Barstow International Gateway will be a new, cutting-edge 4,500-acre integrated rail facility on the west side of Barstow. It is comprised of a rail yard, an intermodal transportation hub and several warehouses for transloading goods from international to domestic containers. The Alameda Corridor will allow containers shipped from the Ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach to travel directly up to Barstow.
Once containers are processed at the Gateway with energy-efficient cargo-handling equipment, they can then be built into trains that move both eastbound and westbound throughout BNSF’s railway network across the US. With this project, California expects more efficient shipment options for its ports and terminals.

Currently, most international cargo at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach arrives in 40-foot containers that are then trucked from the ports to warehouses in Los Angeles or the Inland Empire. Once the containers arrive at the warehouses, they are unloaded, sorted, and re-loaded onto 53-foot domestic containers that are either transported by truck to a railyard in Los Angeles, where they are transferred onto trains, or are simply trucked across the country. This process creates inefficiencies and unnecessary truck trips within the Los Angeles Basin and Inland Empire that can impact supply chain distribution, the environment, and communities surrounding ports and warehouses.

The Barstow International Gateway will allow cargo to be transported by rail directly from the ports through the Alameda Corridor to Barstow and processed efficiently between the intermodal rail facility and the on-site transload warehouse facilities, without generating additional on-road truck trips. The transload warehouses will expedite repackaging and processing of goods into domestic containers for further transport via rail across the country.

“This facility will bring thousands of jobs to Barstow, while increasing equity, opportunity and the economic competitiveness of the high desert. BNSF has been an important part of our city since its inception and on this 75th anniversary, we are proud to partner with them to ensure our success in the future.”

Willie A. Hopkins, Jr. – Barstow City Manager

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

Once the containers reach the Barstow International Gateway, they will be processed at the facility using clean-energy powered cargo-handling equipment.


BIG Vision: Dedication to Community

BNSF engaaged with various sectors of the community to discuss concerns and field questions regarding the impact of BIG on the Barstow area.


A Legacy of Innovation & Technology

Barstow’s Classification Yard built in the 1970’s developed new technologies for rail while bringing thousands of jobs. See how it all started.

Years Operating In Barstow

New Jobs