David Leicht - Board Member

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   David Leicht - Board Member

I was born in Hammond, Indiana in 1954. My family moved out to California by train when I was four years old. We settled in West Covina in 1959 in a new house, that cost my parents $17,000. I grew up there, then enlisted in the Army at age 19. After getting out of the Army, I worked in retail, as a big rig truck driver, then as a nightclub musician for a few years.

At age 28 I applied for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. I was a deputy sheriff there for almost 7 years, when I moved to Apple Valley with my wife and two young children. I then decided to join the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. so I could work close to home. In the mid 1990s I transferred into the courts from patrol duties. At age 46, I started law school while working in the courts. I attended school at night in Riverside for four years, three nights a week. After completing law school I took the California State Bar Exam and passed the first time.

So, I was 48 when I obtained my license to practice law. Just about that same time the Sheriff’s Dept. came out with a new retirement plan called, “3 at 50”. So I retired from the Sheriff’s Dept. early, at age 50 and began practicing law. For whatever reason the District Attorney’s Office did not hire me, so I obtained a job doing criminal defense. I worked for a law firm that had a contract with the County of San Bernardino for public defender overflow. During the 5 years representing indigent clients, I became an experienced lawyer, doing 12 felony jury trials.

I eventually left that job and obtained a job in Riverside, representing kids in guardianship cases. When my employer lost his contract with the County of Riverside I was out of a job. The timing was right, as my friend, Jon Mahlum decided to retire. I always enjoyed working in the Barstow Court as a bailiff and then an attorney, so I bought Jon’s lawyer business from him at a nice price. So three years ago I opened my own law office here in Barstow. My areas of practice are criminal defense, traffic, a little family law and restraining orders.

It was a little slow at first and I had a lot of idle time in the office. After a couple of years I became too busy to handle all the phone calls along with court appearances, so I hired Trudi Kincaid as my secretary. A couple of years ago I joined The Optimist Club here in Barstow. This year I will be president of the club. I’ve met a lot of good people here in Barstow over the years and I’m glad to be here.