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Take a look HERE at what you can see and do in the Barstow Area in 5 hours or less! 

We're glad you've chosen to learn more about what you can do and see in and around the Barstow area. You'll find everything here, from the nostalgia of National Highway Route 66 to popular havens for off-road vehicles, fashion outlets to historic outposts, modern day conveniences to ancient ghost towns of Art, both ancient and modern, and some that combines both!

Located along freeways I-15 and I-40, and State Highways 58 & 247 our corridor serves millions of travelers each year headed to and from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Palm Springs, with access to many National Parks, including the Mojave National Preserve, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, and the Grand Canyon. We're ready to help you journey into the Mojave today.

California's Mojave Desert is a study in contrasts: Golden eagles and red-tailed hawks soar above crawling sidewinders and desert tortoises. Mountain ranges composed of nothing but bare, jagged rock rise abruptly out of flat, sun baked basins; the land sparsely covered by creosote and bizarrely twisted Joshua trees. Everywhere there are surprises. Volcanic cinder cones, booming sand dunes, historic and modern mines, rock formations etched with messages from former residents, vast vistas framed with mile-high mountains and small towns dotted along historic Route 66. This is the Mojave Desert.

Some people maintain that the Mojave Desert is merely a transition zone from the hot Sonoran Desert to the cooler and higher Great Basin Desert. The Mojave Desert covers an area of more than 15,000 square miles and extends from the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the west to the Colorado Plateau in the east, and from the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains in the south to the northern reaches of Death Valley.

Located virtually in the middle of the Mojave Desert, halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is the City of Barstow.

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The City's Parks and Recreation Department is committed to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Barstow and the surrounding communities. This is accomplished by providing quality recreational programs, activities, services and facilities for people of all ages to use and enjoy. We are committed to providing recreation, exercise and community services to the residents and visitors of Barstow.